The Affordable Care Act allowed me to take my kids and leave an abusive partner. 

I think this is a big story in itself as being financially trapped is often a major part of domestic abuse, especially when you have kids and have been a stay-at-home mom. Abusers control their wives in many ways, suppressing their confidence and ability to work outside the home. For me, my husband would have been threatened that I would gain independence or meet other men, plus the household would never have been up to his standard if I did work. He didn't appreciate anything I did at home and with the kids.

Another aspect of domestic abuse is that victims become sicker being under such longterm stress. Mine didn't physically hit me, but the emotional, psychological and verbal abuse, threats and coercion, really impacted my health and I spent 4 years undergoing tests for CFS (ME) - mostly fatigue and brain fog. I could never tell my doctor what was really going on because I was tied to his health insurance. I couldn't share that I was scared for my life for the same reason.

Before leaving him and moving in with a friend I found out through a Domestic Abuse clinic that myself and the kids would be eligible for Obamacare. I managed to keep us insured without interruption.

At present we are all in therapy which is absolutely vital, and my therapist is helping me with PTSD. My son is also under the care of a physician who is helping him with Anxiety and ADHD (including medications), as well as another place to vent his emotions. I have finally been able to tell my doctor the extent of the psychological stress I have been under and it has given her a new perspective on my symptoms and treatment. At present we are still healing and that will take some time, but I know I have to get working as soon as possible. I am a single mom 100% of the time as the courts will only allow limited supervised visitations with their dad. He's also paying very little Child Support, and even that is irregular. The support we have received through Medicaid and Obamacare has been a stop gap at the time we have been the most vulnerable. There are many boundaries to leaving an abusive relationship but Obamacare removed a crucial one.