I'm a single, self-employed mom of two adopted girls, both with special needs. Due to our foster/adopt laws, they were able to stay on Apple Health but my insurance was over $450 a month and raising on average $70+ per year. It was killing me! I have Hashimoto's thyroiditis and that requires ultrasounds every 6 months to monitor my goiter-growth. My co-pay for the ultrasounds was $400 each time and my deductible was close to $5000. I also don't respond well to synthroid so my doctor put me on terosint is $135 per month since it's not an approved drug. So, I couldn't afford to get care for my condition. I ended up very sick. When the ACA came through, my insurance dropped below $300 and has only raised around $10-20 per year. I also got a refund from them last year! Also, I qualify for Apple Health as a secondary so I now have zero fees for my necessary health care.