Alyssa, age 27 

I just finished grad school in June with my Master's in School Counseling. I couldn't have a full time job during school, and the state's required internship hours took up too much time so I was on my parent's insurance. One year ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer (right after I turned 26). The most aggressive kind of BC called Her2+. Literally a death sentence without treatment. It spreads so fast that if you go 3 years without a recurrence they know you're cancer-free. Obamacare saved my life. I was diagnosed much later than I should have. Cigna knew that when I turned 26 I would be kicked off of my parents insurance, they just denied everything over and over until my birthday. By the time we found it, it had leaked out of the duct (became "invasive") which is why I had to go through chemo. I've had 5 surgeries this year and medical appointments have basically been a full time job.

I'm terrified that I'll have to stop treatment early (which is SO dangerous with my kind of cancer) if the Republicans interfere. It's crazy that some people would think I'm a low-life since I'm on Obamacare because I paid $44,000 and sacrificed 2 years of my life to help other people's children. Now they want to take away my cancer treatment. I work as much as I can for the school district, around my appointments, but I still live below the poverty line.